LIVE Squirt Painting

Artist & Muse will be creating their first LIVE squirt painting in years and they would like to share this unique experience with a few curious onlookers. Join us at Club Debauchery Ottawa for this ONE NIGHT ONLY live performance art creation of a squirt painting. Cocktails & light refreshments will be served at this event.

What is Squirt Painting?

The concept of female ejaculation or ‘squirting’ has, throughout history been ridiculed, rejected, ignored and feared. It has also, at times been revered and raised to spiritual heights. The medical profession has yet to uncover the scientific basis for female ejaculation. Though still a hotly debated topic, we can report, unequivocally that many women, trans and non binary people can and do ‘squirt’ and aim to show the tangible evidence of that fact in our artwork. Our bodies are as complex and mysterious as their minds.

Born of a mutual epiphany, accidental art on a black sheet in the darkness. Tangible evidence of a journey, a passage of time; evidence of release and ecstasy. The truth and reality of an event captured mid-rapture and then in physical perpetuity. Powdered paint sprinkled over a canvas awaiting its hydration and using the sprays of ejaculate fluid as a catalyst for activation. As the mixture of paint and mysterious fluid dried, we observed the spontaneous formulation of nebulae, fractals, self-similarities with geographical maps. The longer we searched this textured landscape, the more we found.

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