Squirt Stories


Researching Female Ejaculation/Squirting for my educational workshops proved far more difficult than I had imagined. I found there to be a general lack of concrete information on the subject and a disproportionate amount of faked or exploitative situations featuring so-called squirting. And so I asked you for your stories – and you delivered!

Here are just a sampling of stories that people have shared with the community in an effort to foster greater understanding and acceptance of the almost mythical feminine energy associated with squirting. I hope you enjoy!

Send me your story! I love to hear about your first experience, most intense, what makes you squirt hardest, embarrassing moments or anything related to squirting you would like to get out there and share. Your story can be as long as you like, this is your platform!



My first time with a squirter was amazing, incredibly hot, and somewhat startling the first time I realized what was happening.

I had started seeing this girl, Rebecca, who was just taller than myself (I’m 6’0″), 8 years my senior, (she was 34, I was 26), all legs, and short red hair. Massive turn ons in all aspects. Oh, and she was fairly recently divorced, and looking to get laid.

At this point, I was relatively inexperienced sexually. I’d only been with four women prior, and none of them had been exceptionally responsive during sex. A little moaning and gasping during sex, and the then some louder “oh, oh, oh” when they orgasmed was about as active as they had gotten. I had heard about squirting, but never seen or experienced it in person.

The first time I got Rebecca off, she was in the passenger seat of my car. After some making out and mutual groping, my hand made my way down her pants. From the moment my hand started started touching her clit, she was incredibly responsive. Moaning loudly, gasping, grabbing on to the armrest, and begging me to stop torturing her and just fuck her. For some reason, I decided not to that night. While working her clit and labia, I noticed she was getting incredibly wet. Also a massive turn on. Finally, her breathing got very fast, stopped for a second, and she exhaled as she said, “and there it went.” She panted for a minute, regaining her composure. “My legs are soaked now,” she said. I had noticed she got incredibly wet, but didn’t think much of it.

A night or two later, I was going down on her in her bed, sucking her clit and rubbing her G spot, I prepared to actually have sex with her for the first time. Again, she was incredibly wet and moaning loudly while her legs twitched and she ground her pelvis into my face. As her moaning got louder and faster, all of a sudden my world exploded. My nose and eyes flooded, almost choking me, forcing to lean up to not drown. She almost screamed in time with each jet of juice all over me and in the air as her hips bucked.

Wiping my face off, I climbed on top of her and slid inside of her. What followed was my amazing sexual experience up to that point, and possibly ever. Rebecca came easily and frequently, quivering and squirting massive amounts every single time.

Although that first time didn’t last very long in my opinion, she guessed afterward that she came about 15 times. I can’t take credit for it, she was very easy to please and made it that much more enjoyable when I came. I loved getting absolutely soaked and having this amazing woman going into veritable seizures the whole time.

I texted her the next day, mentioning that she hadn’t told me she was a squirter, and how incredibly hot it was. She had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. She had never heard the term, and seemingly assumed that all women came like that.

We only ended up having sex a handful of times, each time with her blasting me every time she orgasmed. The second or third time we were together, she once squirted so hard that she pushed me out of her- while I was on top. I’ve been with at least three other squirters since then, but none that squirted every single time like her, or with the same force. Truly, a wonderful experience.

Zach, April 2019


I was lamenting turning 50. Another fellow at the nudist club pool asked me if I thought my best sex years were behind me. As my mind began to grasp the weight of his casual question, it occurred to me that perhaps I was in decline. Maybe I would never know the exquisite carnal pleasure that I shared with my wife and our girlfriend before they were taken from me. Perhaps the best WAS behind me. My shoulders sank.

This wasn’t just any nudist club. This was the Riverboat. A trim lady sauntered over and looked me up and down and said; “You’re Canadian, aren’t you?” I nodded. “I’ve always had fun with Canadians.” She held out a hand.

Hopeful and curious, I took her hand and she walked me over to her husband. “Bert.” she said. “I’m going to take this gentleman into the Fuck Barge.”

Bert nodded his approval and off we went.

The Fuck Barge was packed. Couples and a threesome going at it. Single guys watching, some masturbating…

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Brenda beckoned.

The play tent was crowded too and there was a couple in the houseboat. We were running out of options. I began to understand that Brenda was looking for a quiet, private spot where we wouldn’t be disturbed. Luckily, I like to drink the club owner’s seed from time to time, so I knew a cozy, private spot. “Come with me.” I said.

I took Brenda to Hyker’s guest bedroom. As we were already naked, she gave me a little shove and plopped me down on the bed. She said; “Lay back.” I did, and she began sucking my cock.

Since this was a swinger’s party and we had just had the grand tour, I was already erect and swinging dick but Brenda had expertise. I began to wonder if I might, you know, overheat… boil over… So, I said, “Your turn!” and we switched places.

Laying comfortably on her back, I scooched up between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs. I began to pick up her scent. I also caught the scent of urine and my penis pushed deeper into the mattress. I slowly, gently nuzzled around her mound, feeling her soft, fine pubic hair as it brushed my nose. (shivers)

I reached my hands up and parted her pretty pink labia. That was beautiful. She was wet. My tongue probed her vagina – delicately – and she moaned. I licked her clit… left and right over her labia… I was being gentle. I did this for a while until her breath quickened and she was beginning to twitch. That’s when I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to excite her the best way I knew how. Before long, she let out a whimper and there it was – shot directly into my mouth – her lovely, warm, fragrant squirt!

I was in heaven – mind blown! Brenda was only my 2nd squirter ever. I had no idea what was still in store for me.

I maintained a rhythm, my lips locked on, my tongue circling her enlarging clitoris and then it happened again. This time, her hips bucked and she was pushing her womanhood onto my face – Squirt! – A big stream of this nectar-of-the-gods – and then another… I was gulping and swallowing her precious pussy juice. I was greedily lapping up every drop. Oh dear Gawd – Nirvana!!

Seeing my appreciation for her gift, she let herself go completely into orgasm. she bucked strongly and let out a cross between a moan and a cry. I softened my tongue’s pressure and slowed the pace… Her juice washed over my face as she shook…

She took my head in her hands, lifting my face she said; Fuck me, please.”

I was firmly erect and throbbing. Semen was dribbling from my purple engorged mushroom cap. I moved on her and mounted her in an instant. She whimpered again. I slowly pushed my bulging member fully into her hot, soaked pussy. Excruciatingly glorious! And then I began thrusting. Slowly but deeply at first. She clasped her arms around my back and pulled me close. God she smelled of sex – she was intoxicating. I kissed her – deeply, our tongues intertwined. She was tasting her own juices in my mouth.

I began bucking harder and she cried out as another stream of female ejaculate washed over my pumping penis. This drove me wild. I was out of control, thrusting wildly now and deeper. I could feel her vagina pulsating around my engorged shaft. I wasn’t going to quit, I was holding on to my orgasm with all my might. I wasn’t going to stop, I wasn’t going to cum yet. She seemed so euphoric – so enraptured…

I was rhythmically plowing her when another stream soaked my loins. I was in heaven and I looked at her and grinned. She smiled back and said; “Cum now, cum inside me. Give me your seed.” And with that, I began to fill her. My penis sprayed inside her 6 or seven times. My load was huge. I had never had sex this hot. (And I’ve done more than ok.)Brenda’s eyes widened. I imagine she could feel me cumming inside her. It was magical.

Eventually, I collapsed on top of her – spent. We were both panting and sweating. Licking and kissing… I will NEVER forget.

On the way back to Bert, we passed Hyker (The club owner) and I said; “We’ve made a huge wet spot in the guest bed – sorry.”

“Hmmm. I might sleep there tonight.” He replied.

Brenda died shortly after in August of 2016 from surgical complications. It was crushing. She will be sorely missed by her husband. Clearly I will certainly never forget her. And just imagine, Brenda was 70 when this occurred!”

Best years behind me? Apparently not. Thank you Brenda.

Submitted June, 2017 _________________________________________________________________

One night after a light dinner at my apartment, we began talking. We never talked with the TV on, so there were no distractions. Somehow, things got heated and I began madly rubbing myself all over him. He peeled me like a banana, set me back on the white leather loveseat, and stood in front of me, surveying my body. I went for his slacks. I knew his dick was big, but it seemed a whole lot bigger tonight. I squeezed the brick in his pants. He backed away and got on his knees. He licked me like I’d never been licked before, stopping intermittently to suck my breasts, lightly bite my nipples and kiss me. I was tearing out my own hair (metaphor) wanting to cum. I was sweating and pulsating inside my body. He came up for air, kissed me again, and asked the question: “Do you want to cum?”

I said yes, thinking he would fuck me. No. He put his middle and ring fingers inside me and pulled them out. He put them back in, pulled them out and put them in my mouth. God, I tasted good. He put them in a third time and started moving them up and down. Faster. Faster. He’s in up to his knuckles now. I feel something stirring. I feel like I have to pee, but not pee, as weird as that sounds. The pressure is growing. I reach for his dick and start jacking him off and then I lose my grip because OH MY GOD! I am squirting everywhere and my eyes are rolling like marbles. He won’t stop fingering me and it feels sooo good. He stops. Licks me some more and replaces the fingers. Here we go again.

I came just like before and it was sublime. A quick thought flashed into my mind. He’d made sure we hydrated quite a bit today. Did he plan this? He took of the rest of his clothes and stood over me. I wanted to suck him and fuck him at the same time.
He folded my legs so my knees were to my ears and fucked me slowly. It was an excruciating pile drive. He picked up the pace and I squirted around his dick. Ecstasy. He pulled out. I sucked myself off his dick. He continued to fuck me hard, and he couldn’t get more than about 20 strokes in before I’d squirt again. It was like being fucked with a hot bar of iron. He sat down. I straddled him, my knees slipping in all my juices. I only rode him a little before squirting again and this time he held me down onto his dick and forced me to squeeze around it.
He picked me up, threw me back on the couch, and jacked off into my mouth, on my face and in my hair. I came a little when he did that.

—–Submitted by Kitana December 2016


My first squirting orgasm was on Black Friday of 2016. My boyfriend had already gotten me soaking wet from his relentlessly teasing fingers, and then he decided to go down on me. He slipped his tongue past my lips and into my depths, occasionally withdrawing to suck and nibble my clit. His face was buried between my thighs as I squirmed and let out mewls of pleasure. I felt the fire in my core intensifying. Eventually, I let out a stentorian cry as I felt my pussy tighten around his tongue. It wasn’t until after we’d had sex that he told me I’d squirted in his mouth.

———–submitted by Madame Saccharin


“I squirted for the first time after having sex with my fuck buddy. I used a little bit of lube before we had sex to make it easier for him to slide in, but I didn’t need it. I rode his thick cock and it felt so amazing. I was so turned on and wet, I kept moaning and groaning while taking it. While I was riding him, he would pull and suck on my big sensitive nipples. I came so many times I lost count. After we were done and he left my house, I was still pretty turned on. My clit was swollen and throbbing and I wanted to take care of myself further. I have a Njoy Pure Wand, which is a double ended dildo with 7.5 inches of pure steel. I’ve masturbated with the toy before but didn’t feel much. It was so big and curved that it hurt. I was so turned on this time that when I inserted the larger end into my pussy, I sighed because it felt amazing. I felt the toy rub against my G-Spot, over and over, and I felt like I had to pee, but knew that it was the fluid building up. I squirted before with a previous partner and knew to push out and not shy away from the feeling. All of a sudden I gasped because the sensation was really intense and I took the toy out. When I pulled it out of my pussy, the toy was dripping with my cum and the sheets were soaked beneath me. I don’t get off just from G-Spot, vaginal stimulation, so I took my trusted Hitachi and went to town on my swollen pussy. I came so hard and felt completely spent. After the amazing session with my fuck buddy, the squirting, and vibrations, I felt so completely satisfied. We had sex a few days after that experience and I squirted again after stimulating my G-Spot with the Njoy. I can’t wait to explore this new found talent!!”

—–submitted by Jade February 2016


I am a 24 year old who experienced squirting during sex. My partner had an extremely thick and girthy cock. It reminded me of a fire hydrant almost. The foreplay was amazing. I gave him a sensual blow job trying to take the whole thing and he sucked on my pussy and nipples. When he first slid inside me I was drenched. It took a bit to get used to his size so he spent some time stretching me out. It felt so amazing to have him work my pussy over. Eventually I began to gush and all you could hear was the wet sucking sounds my pussy made. He spread my thighs wide and started to thrust nice and deep. I felt him everywhere and it was so amazing. He gave a few hard thrusts and pulled out. That’s when I felt liquid squirt out of me! I immediately felt underneath me and the sheets were soaked! I told him excitedly, “OMG you just made me squirt!” He licked my drenched pussy and if possible, told me I was wetter than before. He continued to thrust hard and deep, grinding against my pussy until I kept squirting over and over. At first he thought I peed on him, because his cock and thighs were drenched, but soon realized it was my squirt. I didn’t exactly orgasm from it, but it felt great. I tend to cum hard from clitoral stimulation more than anything else. I can’t wait to squirt with him again!!!

—–submitted by Jade November 2015


It was 12:30 on a Saturday night i was on my way home after a night out with some girls. After a few drinks i was feeling a little “playful”. I looked around there was only one other person on the train, and i had nearly an hour till my stop . I began to touch my self under my dress. The other person was on the other end of the carriage with head phones surely they wouldn’t mind if i had a little fun. My pussy was getting increasingly wet i was so exited i felt so naughty. I slowly entered my fingers in to my soaking vagina, trying not to moan, this felt so good. sinking deep in to my seat i grabbed my tits and rubbed myself faster and harder. I looked down at the small puddle around my seat i was so aroused, I had never felt this before. suddenly the train stopped. Another person had just got on and sat closer to me, but i couldn’t stop now it felt to good. I kept going rubbing my clit, playing with my pussy in public. Then I let out a moan, both passengers looked at me. But it was to much i was so close to finishing harder and harder playing with my vag soaking the seat. Then it happened. I squirted. liquid sprayed every where all over my seat all over the floor all over me and the seat in front. It felt so good. I had made such a mess. I slowed down and continued to rub my vagina until my stop. As i got off the other people noticed how wet my dress was but i didn’t care. I was going home to continue to pleasure myself.

—–submitted by Ella November 18, 2015


“Alas, its 11’oclock, I’m home from work and have the house to myself. I take back the layers of my scrubs and reminisce on the long day I just had. Nothing would feel better than a nice gushing orgasm. My mind wanders off into fantasy about the new doctor at the hospital. His confident demeanor, his broad shoulders and his masculine jaw line. He knows I want him, he’s got to. It’s time for me to play again, I couldn’t wait to get home and let my mind wander without guilt. Naked now, I start teasing my nipples- they’re getting hard as I can feel my warm, subtle breathes graze across my chest. I close my eyes a lie back, I am ready for ecstasy. I replay the doctor’s orders in my head as I politely agree with him looking up to him and accepting every order.  Yes, doctor I muttle. “What was that, nurse?” He wants me to agree with him. “Anything for you doctor.”
I start to run my fingers down my body paying special attention to my full, soft breasts. I am at my hips now, holding tight to the curves I can feel the excitement start to build up. My breathing gets heavier, I hold myself a little tighter and start to undulate. Moving my body gently with hopes that the doctor is watching. Looking for approval, I open my eyes and pull him in. He reminds me I need to maintain professionalism. I nod in agreement and lie back down.
I am in it alone. Two fingers in my mouth now, gently soaking and sucking them. They’ve reached my soft clit. Starting slow I rub myself in a clockwise motion, with minimal pressure- the nerve endings are already stimulated. My 23 year old body wants me to cum, but I must behave for the Doctor didn’t order me to cum just yet.
Moaning with each sensation I can feel myself getting closer. I  go faster and faster it feels so fucking good. My young little cunt is dripping wet, I slide my finger into my freshly shaved hole and feel my pussy squeeze it. It’s been so long. I’ve been such a good girl.
I force another finger in and find my g-spot. I start finger fucking myself and each time I enter my fingers my thumb teases my clit. My mind starts racing with thoughts of this new doctor. I picture us in the on call room, scrub pants at our feet, I’m bent over the exam chair as he penetrates my tight, warm, wet pussy. We are both getting so close to orgasm he spanks me for being too loud. Tells me that I need to behave because we are at work. I try so hard to silence myself but his long, thick cock is lodged so deep inside me I can’t help but squeal with pleasure. I am begging for mercy, he goes harder and harder.
Reality sinks in. I’m in my bed. Alone. Soaking wet. So close to cumming. I can hear my juices with every insertion. I go faster and faster, harder, with more force, FUCK I am so close. Each hair on my body stands erect, my back arches, my toes curl, I feel a warm rush come over my entire body, and GUSHHH,  my pussy squirts all over my bed as I let out an uncontrolled moan.
I sit there in silence with a racing heart beat, breathing heavy. I think I want to do it again. Time to challenge myself. This time I’ll start with my fingers in my mouth again…mmm I can taste my sweet cum.”

– Submitted by Victoria March 2014


I’m a 22 year old female, and a couple days ago I had my first experience in female ejaculation.
I’ve had several sex partners in the past, and I typically climax pretty readily. As long as my clit is being stimulated, I usually orgasm within a few minutes of sex. I had a way different experience a few days ago.
I had gone on a couple dates with this man and was very sexually attracted to him. He was tall, dorky, and had an adorable smile. I was hesitant to pursue anything at first because he’s my age and I typically date older men. After a few dates, he took me to his house and we had amazing sex. It wasn’t until the second time we had sex that I ejaculated.
We were in my bed and he had his fingers inside of me. His fingers were the most amazing feeling ever. I don’t know what he was doing in there, but all of the sudden I felt a huge surge of fluid build up inside of me. It kind of just came out and went everywhere. His moving fingers caused the fluid to escalate out of me and all over my thighs and lower belly. I came seconds after the ejaculation. Stunned, I immediately sat up in confusion. His moaning during the whole process made me believe he enjoyed it. I looked at the soaking bed sheets and swore I must have peed. The fluid, though, had not the characteristics of urine, but also not the fluid that emits from me when I’m really turned on. It was like a watered down version of that. He’s done it to me three my times since, and I’m still in awe. This man has even admitted to me that he’s not very sexually experienced, while I am. It’s amazing what he did to me, and I’ll never forget it.
I’ve tried doing it to myself to no avail. I think it’s the angle and the size of his fingers.”

Submitted March 2014


“I have always been easy to arouse but I waited until I was good and ready before I had sex. Once I had a few mediocre experiences I started to read a lot on other people’s experiences and what made them ***. I remember fingering myself to orgasm but wondering why the sheets and my hand would be so wet. Then I came across a story about squirting. Oh.My.God.
The first time I experienced theirs amazing sensation I was out with an older guy I was attracted to for a long time. We met for drinks and the first time he kissed me my underwear got wet. I knew that when we had sex it would be an unforgettable evening. I was right. After a few casual dates he invited me to his house. Once we were there he was aggressively trying to give me the tour of his house, oddly enough the last room was his bedroom.
We started to kiss and he was masterfully undressing me. He kissed his way down my neck and I was getting really hot, not to mention, wet. Then he put my erect nipple in his mouth and sucked the hardest anyone ever has. These 44DD’s were going to poke someone’s eye out but it was fine by me. I could feel his **** get hard under his jeans. I tried to take his clothes off but he told me it was all about me. And boy was it. In what seemed like seconds we were rolling around and kissing and feeling each other for the first time. I was stunned when I saw the size of his hard **** and couldn’t wait to have it inside me.
He has other plans and started to finger me. I’ve never had a hard time reaching orgasm and after a bit if slow play he started to pump in and out slowly and then faster and I came but knew there would be another to shortly follow. As I was coming down from the first one he started to lick my ***** and suck my lips and clit. He was a f***** star and knew what he was doing. I was still a bit inexperienced bit I’m a quick learner. I pulled him on top o me and kissed him, I could taste my sex on his lips and tongue. It was among the hottest things ever.
He started to insert his huge hard **** in me but he pulled out. What the ****?! I NEEDED his **** in me. He rolled over on his back and pulled me on top and told me to ride him…I’m short and a bit on the chubby side, I didn’t want him to see my body and judge me. Then I had a thought that based on his hard **** and the several times I already came, he didn’t care about my size. So, I started to ride him. I could feel his **** deep inside of me. I had to ease up and down the first few thrusts but then I was a pro. I rode him and rode him. I had feelings like never before. I had an orgasm but something told me to keep riding and I did. Then it happened, I was sweaty, my **** were bouncing up and down and then I just exploded. I **** so hard I literally saw stars. I felt an ocean of fluid and I asked I the condom broke. That’s when he told me he didn’t even *** yet. I caught my breath and started to ride him again. I didn’t think I had anything left in me? I was wrong. It happened again only this time we came together.
He told me that he’s never had that happen before. We never became a couple but we stayed ‘friends’ for awhile.
 It’s a thought I often go back to when I want to *** hard and fast. That night taught me a few things about me and sex. I am one messy girl and I should drink lots of fluid beforehand to prevent dehydration.
I love to tell guys I squirt but I really love the look on their faces when I cum so hard it pushes their **** out of my hot, wet *****.”

Submitted Jan 17, 2014 (edited words are the authors)


“I knew nothing about squirting until a year ago when I joined a website and they were discussing the topic. I looked online and discovered more information about it. In March of 2012, I had an opportunity to play with a wonderful couple and at the time she introduced me to my own squirting ability and I have not looked back since. I can now squirt with g-spot manipulation, clitoral manipulation, and in various positions during sex, especially if I am on top. The issue I have found with the ability are those that have not experienced it tend to treat me like a “new toy” and want to make me squirt over and over again till everything is soaking wet. For the most part I enjoy the feeling immensely especially when you find someone who is talented enough to cause me to squirt and orgasm at the same time. What a feeling!!!!!” 


I have been soaking the bed with orgasms since 19 years old. My best/longest squirting experiences have been when I have been licked for 2 or 3 hours straight, I just gush and squirt to my ankles and squirt over and over. Once, I was licked all night long, and I squirted and gushed for about 6 hours straight nonstop. I was well hydrated beforehand, and drank plenty afterward. I would have about 40 – 50 orgasms during the 3 hour sessions, and about 60 – 80 orgasms during the 6 hour session. I would usually lie on my back, but would change positions sometimes to on my knees and he licked from behind or sitting on his face too. That was an unforgettable fun experience. I love to squirt. I know how to hold back a little, let it build up, and then release to a long squirt that lands few feet away!! I am exhausted after a session like that and it takes a couple of days to catch up LOL. 😉 I can squirt by fingers, tongue, or intercourse.”


“First of all I believe every squirter is different! When I squirt it’s not during orgasm! Mine are separate! I don’t squirt across the room but have had it spray a few drops a few feet but mostly I just flood all over the man or my hands! It doesn’t smell like urine either but does have a scent! Different positions give a different response.I don’t have to push to squirt sometimes it just happens upon entry and once during oral! I have researched this myself! I think it’s pretty cool! Didn’t know what it was until I was 30! been doing it for many years and had no clue!”


I had heard about squirting, but having never experienced it, I actually was not really very curious about it either.  I heard a story from a guy once about a girl that gushed.  I didn’t know that was the term at the time though and really only just thought it was interesting. In the last month though all of these stories have been popping back into my mind.  I think I am a gusher.  Although from everything I have read my experience is slightly different.  I am sure everyone is unique but everyone seems to talk about a feeling of needing to pee. I did not have that feeling. I also don’t think it came from that area.  The first time I was trying some thing new.  I have never needed lube for intercourse or for masturbating. However I was trying a butt plug.  So I got some lube for that, as is recommended. I put in the butt plug and started my normal masturbation with a bullet vibrator on my clit and a fun new dildo for my vag.  When I was close to orgasm I felt wetness on my hand that was using the dildo.  I have never had this before and the consistency was different.  It was runnier. I assumed this was something to do with the lube being used on my butt plug somehow squirting out onto my hand/dildo?  There was none of this different textured liquid on my clit that I could tell.  It seemed to be only around my dildo. It was not much just enough for me to feel and wonder, what it was for sure. I put this out of my mind.  I figured it had to be from the lube since it had never happened before and that was the only thing really that I had done differently.  The dildo was relatively new but I had used it before without this happening and without the butt plug.
Then a few weeks later, I am masturbating and suddenly I feel this same texture of liquid splattering onto my hand. Again I had no warning it was going to come.  It was again pre-orgasm but close to it. Again there did not seem to be anything on my vibrating bullet nor did my clit seem to feel any of that liquid.  Just on my dildo and hand.  I was so surprised since I was not using the butt plug this time and it could not have been from lube.  I had not used any lube this time.
I went ahead and finished and just laid there relaxing and enjoying the feeling of post-orgasm.  When I got up there was a huge puddle under me.  I was astonished! I had put a towel down since I always do just in case of leaking juices.  It was soaked.  2 layers of towel soaked as well as the mattress underneath the towel.  This did not ever feel like I was urinating at all.  It did not feel like I had to pee at any time. It did not feel like it came from the same place I urinate from at all.  It seems like it came from my vagina.  I wasn’t sure what happened.  I smelled it and there was no odor.  I cleaned up and of course this has been on my mind since.  It seamed to have the same color as my cum.  After thinking about it a while the only thing that made sense was this must be squirting.  However it hadn’t felt like I had heard squirting described.  The more I thought about it the more I thought it seemed like it gushed.  I think I may have seen that term somewhere and it just popped into my mind. I am happy to learn this about myself and embrace it.  However I also still feel uncertain.  Since others seem to have similar experiences that are mostly a little different. This was only the second time it happened and it was a complete surprise.  Not something I was intentionally trying to experience.  I am in my 30s, I wonder if this is just part of my body changing?  Is this a good change or is this something I should keep an eye on?  Most people seem to indicate that their experience was enhanced by squirting/gushing.  I did not notice that it increased/enhanced my pleasure.  The orgasm was still great but not any better or worse than any other orgasm I have ever had.


The following Squirt Story is from a male point of view courtesy of Fetlife and the Female Ejaculation Survey group.

“The Usual Disclaimer:
I’m no expert, let’s be clear about that, no qualification, no ‘ology’: this is merely my take on a subject that over the years has fascinated and delighted.

So, it’s O.K. for us to have differing opinions and experiences.

This is going to be a long article, the real meat is towards the end of the article, so you can skip to that if you like, but if you’re genuinely interested then, you may want to get fresh tea or coffee and settle in. (Milk and two for me, if you don’t mind.)

The subject of female ejaculation is, to say the very least, confused, complicated and contentious. A very limited amount of research by clinicians, sexologists, feminists and swamis seems to have been carried out and in many instances the conclusions differ vastly.

Trying to sort out the myth from reality isn’t a straightforward task: therefore the only way I could sensibly approach it was to draw from my personal experiences and try to fill in the gaps through reading and experiment.

It’s difficult to doubt what you have seen with your own eyes.

In this article, I’ll relate early experiences and findings, and follow it by trying to explain how I sorted it out logically in my mind. This isn’t a ‘How to..’ article, but I’ll also detail what I do to make a partner ejaculate, and how and why I deploy that in a dynamic scene.

So, if you’re ready…?

Let’s start at the very beginning..

Early Morning Dew:
My earliest experience of a flooding orgasm was as a teenager, when at a party, despite my inept fumbling in her knickers, a rather lovely girl simply couldn’t stop it happening and being such an ignorant and callow youth, I shared the ‘she pee’d on my hand’ story with my impressionable friends. Shameful stuff, I know… sorry, Sandra.

Other experiences over the years were all as a result of intercourse, and were by no means frequent or even regular, they were all, also, of the flooding kind. When they happened, I enjoyed them, but through that period, I had no understanding of any whys or wherefores.

I’m discounting these experiences to some extent, as they aren’t orgasms that I deliberately set out to cause and all were under a vanilla umbrella. (Umbrellas, yes, they can be useful at times, as we’ll see.)

Closer Encounters of the Damp Kind:
The real epiphany happened a short while after I’d embraced my preference for domination, with a very wonderful and highly responsive partner. On her own initiative, she made a device that she’d seen somewhere and appealed to her. It was a circular plinth, with feet, and in it’s centre a removable pole topped by an ingeniously attached dildo, this was so that she could feel nicely impaled at my mercy (woohoo). The pole could be detached, and there were also two shackle points on the plinth to hold her in position. Obviously, it was made to measure, at just the right height for ‘comfort’. (You know what they say, BDSM doesn’t lead to enlightenment, it leads to carpentry.)

Much fun and experimentation ensued, as you might imagine, but it was when I had detached the pole, laid her on her back, pinned her there with my foot, and began to work the pole inside her that the fireworks began. Long streams of fountaining fluid would result from strokes with the pole, mostly jetting from her urethra and sometimes gushing in-between times. It went on, and on, and … you get the idea.

Wow, I was hooked. (So was she) It was highly dramatic and intense, visually startling, and promised great potential for future playtime. We had to find out more about this happy accident, and really, this is where my ‘research’ began.

First Stop: The Internet
Of course, just go and look on the internet, you aren’t going to find it in your Dad’s big old encyclopedia after all. The internet in those days, wasn’t quite the fountain (tadum) of knowledge that it is now. Information was moderately scant, though there were several earnest articles, some clinical, some personal, but all mildly confusing or contentious: you had to sort the wheat from the chaff and then fit it in with what you actually knew.

Fortunately, the aforementioned Wonder Woman was every bit as curious as I was to experiment, so for the sake of expediency I’ll bullet point the things that I have learned, mostly from personal experience, with a few gaps filled by ye olde internette.

Here are a few facts that I know to be absolutely true.

Some women can ejaculate
Some women can ejaculate copiously
Some women can ejaculate through their urethra
Some women can ejaculate through their vagina
Some women can ejaculate through both
Some women can spurt ejaculate (several feet/yards/metres/furlongs)(furlongs?)
Ejaculate can have different colours, odours and taste
Ejaculate is not urine
Some women who find it difficult or even impossible to orgasm clitorally can still ejaculate
Ejaculate is a funny word

Let’s take them one by one:

Some women can ejaculate:
No surprises with this one, and I’m sure the obverse is also true: not all women can ejaculate.
More pertinent perhaps, is that many, many women don’t know that they can come in this way. Even if they are aware of it’s existence, they can discount it because it just hasn’t happened to them yet. There are also many women who know all too well that they can ejaculate, and of those, some can be deeply embarrassed by it. (Please don’t be, ladies!)

This is where I have to stick my neck out a little with a bold, but true statement: Since the earlier epiphany with the woodworking Wonder Woman, every play partner I have known since, has been able to ejaculate/gush. That’s 100%. That wouldn’t be such a big hoo ha if it were confined to just a couple of people, but I would estimate it at about 15-20 in the last 10 years. At play parties, high drama, dynamic scenes, demos, etc.

Of these, most had never experienced an ejaculation, or g-spot orgasm, if you prefer. Nor did they have any expectation of one, and some admitted later that if they had been told they were going to be ‘given’ one, they would have been highly sceptical.

I should mention that, these numbers aren’t intended as a boast, and actually, I’m not too fond of ‘casual play’ these days, but once word got out, it became something of a party piece, and I do like sharing experiences and knowledge.

So, why has it worked every time? I’ll give my theory on that later, but there’s still all those other bullet points to cover!

Some women can ejaculate copiously:
Yes, indeed, very very copiously in some cases and in my opinion, there’s a reason for this (also later). Like most things, the volume can vary with different people and situations, but the point where the well runs dry, is essentially, down to the people involved. (There is some gobbledegook on Wikipedia about quantities of ejaculate, backed up by some pretty dodgy science.

Some women can ejaculate through their urethra:
This is where the ejaculate, or come, if you prefer, exits the body via the urethra. This can be in short jets, streaming arcs, or something resembling the Trevi fountain. It’s kind of difficult to ascertain when this will occur, as opposed to a gushing release through the vagina. There are a couple of things that I think contribute to this spurting exit.

The first is simply that, the folds of the vagina’s labia can cover the exit of the urethra, the labia block or impede the escaping come. It still leaves the body, of course, but not in the Trevi way, rather, escaping wherever it can (in dribbles). Tip: if you’re aiming for this type of orgasm, keep that urethra exposed!

Another would seem to be intensity, if there is an extremely high state of arousal, and that ejaculate is forming rapidly, it’s more likely to try to escape this way.

Some women can ejaculate through their vagina:
Absolutely. Something puts pressure on that old g-spot, and the fluid has to get out: through the tissues of the wall of the vagina, in that gushing way. More on why, later.

Some women can ejaculate through both:
Just occasionally, I’ve seen a partner simultaneously gush and fountain. I can only, at best guess, put this down to an extremely heightened state of arousal, and sheer volume of come. (I think that space/head space contributes significantly to this arousal thing, again… later.)

Some women can spurt ejaculate several feet (yards/metres/furlongs)(furlongs?!):
Yes, Siree, and ain’t it dramatic when it happens? Why? Because it just can, is why! Seriously, it’s down to intensity and arousal, again. OK, the furlongs thing is a stretch.

Anecdote / Intermission: I was once doing a shaving scene using an old fashioned cut throat / straight razor, and a couple were observing (learning how to do it, actually). The Woman of Wonder was on the kitchen table, being soaped in a deliberate way by a badger hair shaving brush in preparation, when off she went, like a water cannon, soaking through the guy watching. I can still recall the image of the come dripping off his glasses and nose.

Ejaculate can have different colours, odours and taste
It seems to be essentially a clear liquid (there’s a great deal of mystery and contention about this). I’ve noticed it sometimes having a yellowish tinge to it, more visible if it forms puddles.

It can have an alkaline taste (well, it is an alkali, after all), coppery or metallic, sometimes strong, it can also have a sweetness, other times hardly any taste at all. Whether this is affected by diet or similar, is hard to say. (You know, the way male sperm can taste different, depending on what has been ingested recently.) Also, the more of a tinge it has in it’s colour, the stronger the taste seems to be.

I haven’t noticed significant differences in odour, how do you describe a smell anyway? Only by comparing it to something, I guess.. so, sometimes, again, a coppery, metallic or salty odour. Which is ridiculous, as none of these three have any odour. It’s the best I can do, except maybe, it has that odour of ‘sex’.

A footnote to this: I found that, the alkaline quality of ejaculate can irritate the skin if it gets into cuts, wounds or on a rash or sore skin. Who’d have thought?

Ejaculate is not urine:
I’ve had some quite heated debates over this, in the old days of IRC. So, I’ll keep this short: research on this subject is wildly contradictory, go and read up on it, they just can’t agree about this. What I do know is, both urine and ejaculate are alkalis, they don’t look, smell or manifest themselves in the same way, though some overlap seems inevitable due to their proximity. Science suggests that there is more sugar in ejaculate and that there are constituents common to both urine and ejaculate. To me, they are distinctly different. I did read that there is evidence that the entrance to the bladder closes when you orgasm, but I haven’t been able to get my torch in deep enough to check on this. You have to make your own mind up.

Another take on this argument.. If I have a partner empty her bladder completely, even with all the fiendish dominance I can muster, I can’t make her pee any further, nature has to take it’s course via fluid intake and passing through etc. However, if I apply the aforementioned fiendishness to forcing ejaculating orgasms, I can do this over and over and the body will produce the fluid on demand (explained later). So, go figure.

Some women who find it difficult or even impossible to orgasm clitorally can still ejaculate:
Happily, yes, I know this can be true. I had a play partner who, in her 50 years had never had an orgasm, of any kind. She would block it mentally, would prevent it with her mind no matter how aroused or willing she was.

Now, I’m a big lover of orgasm control and fancy myself as being rather creative in making them happen, but despite my best efforts I couldn’t make it so. The mind is a funny damned thing. However, the very first time I attempted to give her a gushing orgasm she flooded like the Tiber (with several repeats). She was very, very happy among the tears of relief and excitement.

There’s a significant D/s element here, whereby orgasms can be ‘taken’ even against the will of the female, yet again, more later.

Ejaculate is a funny word:
Well, it just bloody is, and I’m fed up of typing it.

Making sense of it all:

OK, so I’d seen the effects and managed to stumble across ways of making a woman come in this way, but I wanted to understand what was happening. I was curious about the whys of it, and wanted to see if I could find clues to exploit it further. Obviously, I trawled the internet and pretty soon pennies started to drop and the shroud of mystery faded.

There are countless articles on the subject, and I digested and appropriated the information that made sense to me. I’m deliberately going to give only a very, very scaled down and simple version of this here, as I’m sure you’ll do your own further research if interested. Also, keeping it straightforward will make it easier to lay out what follows.


When a woman becomes sufficiently aroused her body begins to form ejaculate.

This forms in glands in the vagina (there are lots of names here, paraurethral, Skenes etc.) (Gland, is not an attractive word.)

During arousal, the glands begin to fill up with ejaculate and hold it there, like a sponge. (This sponge analogy will be useful later.)

If this sponge is full, and it is pressed, it leaks, rather like, err… a sponge. If you press it a lot, it leaks a lot.

The glands are located in the urethral area. Or, if you prefer, behind the front / top wall of the vagina.

To summarise then: If you become aroused, you begin to fill up: the more aroused you get, the more you fill up. Arousal = ejaculate = filled sponge. This is key.

Locating the area:

Reluctantly, I suppose I have to do this. The articles on locating the area are legion, you may well find a better explanation than mine. That said… (A diagram would be handy here, but you can find one easily enough with Mr Google.)

Insert one or two (two is better, perhaps) fingers into the vagina, hugging the front / top wall. Form your fingers into a hooked shape, pressing the tissue of the vagina, probing and pressing with the tips. When your fingers are fully inserted and shaped this way, you are probably in the right area. Make adjustments if your fingers are exceptional short or long.

Keep in mind a couple of things: If you’re doing this in an unaroused state, the ‘sponge’ isn’t going to have anything in it, you’re not going to feel anything particularly enlightening. If you are aroused, and the glands are filling or full, you may feel what is often described as a ‘spongy area’, slightly more distinct and swollen than in a relaxed state. That’s the spot. (The elusive ‘g-spot’, in fact.)

This, presumably, is why a lot of g-spot toys have a hooked or angled shape. I’ve never used these, I’m a hands-on kinda guy. (Remember the dildo pole way back in the article? No hook there, it just hit the right spot.)

So, armed with this knowledge, what can we do?

Why, the very best we can, of course!

(From this point on, things will become a little more BDSM specific, and from a dominant male’s point of view.)

I like to create and control orgasms, of any kind, so once that willing victim surrenders her control, I’m going to create an environment where I can do this at whim.

Arousal, arousal, arousal.. is all you need. How you create this is your own affair, you know your partner best. I’m aware that arousal begins (and continues) with the mind, do what you can to get this going, be determined and merciless about it, use what you can, use what she likes.

If this is happening, you can rest assured that your woman is already filling up with excitement, that is, her arousal is causing ejaculate to build up in her paraurethral sponge. The higher the arousal, the more it will fill. It’s enough to know that it’s there, .. waiting. As long as the arousal is sustained, it’s not going anywhere.

(As arousal dissipates, so does the fluid, though there does seem to be a period of grace, whereby your partner may not be completely aroused any longer, but the sponge hasn’t finished ‘drying out’: you can still cause female ejaculation at this stage. If it’s there, you can make it happen, basically.)

So, you’ve deployed your chains, ropes, mindfucks, harsh whispers, hissed threats, promises, tricks up sleeve, whatever, and you have your partner trembling with arousal, and you are secure in the knowledge that your girl’s sponge must be as full as a very full sponge, now what?

Well, here’s a significant difference between female ejaculation and a regular orgasm. The regular, clitoral ones are generally caused by you or your partner, whereas orgasms that are female ejaculation can be TAKEN. That’s right, you can just step right up and take it from her, she can’t stop it occurring. Providing you can hit that sponge in the right spot, with the right force, that sponge will empty all too readily, causing a gushing or fountaining or spraying release.

This is why it fits into D/s so well, all that giving and taking dynamism… lovely.

If you don’t know, just because you’ve caused your partner to soak the floor / ceiling / you, once, doesn’t mean that’s it. Far, far from it. If your partner has been sufficiently aroused, she will be able to come this way again, almost immediately, that sponge isn’t empty! Give it a second for her to get her breath back and try for another one. This can goes on, until it actually is emptied.. In my experience, 3 or 4 are easily achievable in quick succession.

There is also the self-perpetuating element: most of my partners find this taking of an orgasm highly arousing, (way to go, sub girls) and we all know what arousal does, right? So, the sponge refills rapidly and you are good to go again in a very short time. You can play with this to your heart’s content.

If you’re interested, I don’t usually use toys to hit my partner’s g-spot, preferring instead to use my middle two fingers in the way described earlier: inserting them firmly and fully, crooking them into a hook and repeatedly pressing the spot urgently and firmly with my fingertips (it’s almost a pumping or milking action). Whilst doing this ‘taking’, I almost inevitably pull hair, whisper some cruel words or do something to affirm to her what I am doing. Well, it just seems to help and no complaints, so far.

I hope you noticed the paradox that ‘taking’ is actually ‘giving’.

It’s Raining – Men
Gentlemen (oh, and ladies too), you’re going to get wet. I should recommend a Sou’wester, galoshes and goggles, but won’t. For myself, I like the visceral aspects of causing these orgasms and don’t mind a partner coming where she damned well has to, if that’s all over my arm, chest or hits the Bose ipod player, it’s all the same to me. (She’ll pay for that!)

A regular partner used to travel to visit, I would pick her up and we would get home, with kink on our mind. Through an earlier happy accident, we had created a welcome back routine. I would sit in a chair, she would stand directly in front of me. I would point to one of my thighs and she would stand, feet apart, over it. I would masturbate her and then, quite gently, make her spurt onto the trouser leg covering my thigh. We would then repeat it for the other thigh. This would leave a stain / damp patch on each thigh: the first time she ever did this, I had asked.. ‘What is that, a map of Sicily?’ Silly, fun games, ..smashing.

Other ways to induce Female Ejaculation:
Having almost completed what I set out to do (my version), it’s of worth to mention a couple of other ways it can all happen. The first is good old intercourse, basically, if a penis hits that spot and presses that sponge, gushing can occur, (spurting too) it’s no different in principal, to using fingers.

The same goes for toys, gadgets and gizmos.

There is an entirely different method, and indeed, the stimulus doesn’t derive from stimulation of the g-spot at all. The arousal still has to be there, the sponge filled etc, but it’s possible to cause ejaculation by slapping or spanking the pubic bone or urethral area repeatedly. How hard and often and when you do this, is a matter of trial and error: I haven’t deployed it often but it does work, presumably, by almost ‘shocking’ the ejaculate out of the urethra with intensity. This tends to give the spurting type of ejaculation, rather than the gushing variety.

Arguably, if this works for you, it can be easier and more successful for a woman on her own to use this method.

Nearly done then, a few loose ends: this may end up being an ongoing article as the more questions I ask myself and other people, more questions seem to crop up. Here are some of the issues raised so far…

The two types of orgasm seem mutually exclusive: for instance, you can have a completely wonderful time with either, both types (clitoral and ejaculating), just clitoral, just ejaculating.
My take is, why deny yourself if you can have both, eh?

I was asked:
… Does a spurting ejaculation feel different to a gushing one?
I didn’t know, so I asked someone who did, and they told me ‘No, not really’.

… Can it be done ‘from cold’?
That’s a tricky one. Logically, I would say no, but… I have known partners who can become highly aroused in a heartbeat, which means you could, potentially, go from nothing to spurty, gushing woman in a matter of seconds. To all intents and purposes, this might be considered a cold start.

… Can a dominant control which type of ejaculation? That is, a spurting fountain (urethral) or a gushing (vaginal) orgasm?
Yes, it’s very likely they could, once they understood their partner sufficiently. It might be something to aim for, if desired. I just haven’t done that, yet. (This was outlined earlier in the article.)

… Said to me: ‘I always assume it (gushing) went with (a clitoral) orgasm.’
No, mutually exclusive, of this I’m sure. Any mutuality would most likely be happy coincidence.

… Said to me: ‘..the first time I did it.. (flooded) it was with a very popular and well-known Dom, who then berated me for ages, telling me off for pissing on his hand.’
A real pity this, an obvious gap in his knowledge, but it does illustrate well that there is far too much mystery on this subject.

Remember that earlier ‘boast’? Every partner, play or otherwise, in the last 10 years has been found to be capable of female ejaculation. If I can arouse them, I can make them gush or spurt, it’s a relatively simple thing to do, and ohhh, so much fun!

Good luck with everything.

OK, I’m done! If you really did make it this far, I take my hat off to you (I don’t actually have a hat, but you know what I mean.) As you can tell, it’s a subject dear to my heart, so if you have any questions, points or comments to make, I’d be happy to hear them. I’ve tried to be as non-contentious as possible, but know that there’s always someone who’s going to get themselves into a window-licking hissy fit. I hope it’s not you, I like you.. you got this far, thank you.

Have fun and be well”

~ Bedouin (https://fetlife.com/groups/14463/group_posts/4343663)

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  2. I had always cum pretty easily but hadn’t even really thought squirting was a normal thing for a boring chick like me. I’m 19, had 13 partners but Always fairly normal sex. Last week I hooked up with a Dom older guy. It was full on and an amazing experience. When I came after 30 minutes of stuff I squirted all over him. Was a very very full on experience. But awesome. I’m a believer lol.

  3. I’m 21 and I always squirted when I masturbate using my hand. The thing is, when you press that ‘sponge’ or G-spot it feels as if I wanted to explode or nearing orgasm, but once I squirted– bam, I’m denied of orgasm. Help, how to solve this? I need orgasm.

    1. Let me do it…ie, a partner. If you have an experienced partner, its more filling for you. Women in general are reserved, easier to let go when I (ie experienced guy) knows what im doing and do it. You can just focus on the moment and feelings of goodness while i push your buttons. Its more fun too.
      When you let go and flood my hand or groin, your O is right there.
      When its just you, your mental state is different and usually, that O is elusive.
      Find an experienced guy, even if he is 10 years older, and enjoy the experience. Then go away. We dont want you hanging aroud just like you dont want to hang on an old creepy 40 yo guy like me.
      I promise, you will come back for more….the others have….

      1. I love rubbing my clit very much like when I’m being watched by my guy friends they jurk there cocks really hard and I’m going to squirt all over them coming so hard pissing steaming my piss so fuck far hot piss every where then they get on there nees and lick my pussy dry sucking all over my wet pussy feels so fucking good.

  4. I had never squirt until my early 30s. I had one sex partner who tried everything he could think of to get me to squirt with no luck until my other partner (open poly triad) suggested fisting. I was somewhat small so they took turns fingering me and playing with my pussy to relax my muscles and within an hour my partners were taking turns plunging their fists in and out of my vagina in rapid succession. I came about every seventh stroke and squirt so much that I had shot my juices across the room to hit the window. My bed was soaked, towels and sheets alike. I had been drinking water all day to keep me hydrated and when I squirt it seemed like I would never stop. I know both my partners enjoyed the experience of watching me soak everything. I am in my 40s now and have added a third partner to make a closed poly foursome and the newest member has had the same experience first hand when getting me off. Poor thing got shot in the face with my squirt on her first try lol.

  5. Today i fingered myself. As i continued being aroused, i felt so excited and fucked the G spot harder and harder. It really felt good. I fucked it more and then i felt the urge to release the muscles down there. A certain liquid came out which was kinda sticky, urinelike and it really felt good. It was my 1st experience to squirt.
    But i dont feel satisfied. Am going back to bed to finger myself again. Its really sweet

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