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I am compiling a list of compelling and controversial artists who are pushing the boundaries of our cultural paradigm and shaking up the status quo. Many of these courageous women are working within countries where they can be and are arrested, harassed, prosecuted, jailed and/or misunderstood simply because they dare to speak up and bring attention to issues that make male and ‘morality de jour’ dominated societies uncomfortable. I salute all taboo breaking artists and their attempts to shape the art world and the culture to suit the greater good, even out the stakes for all humans and draw attention to the inherent hypocrisy in their respective institutions and culture. This list is by no means exhaustive, is a work in progress and requires your input to continue to flourish. People with vaginas of the world (and the people who love them), UNITE!

Help me create this list!


Emma Rose Laughlin

Feminist Art Project

Good For Nothing Girl –

Diana Torres – (this page contains an AMAZING list of artists, which I will be going through and adding to my site as soon as I can!) and

Annie Sprinkle –

Sophia Wallace, Cliteracy Campaign

Casey Jenkins, Vaginal Knitting

Zaha Hadid, Architect

Marina Abramovic Durational Performace Artist

Squirt Vixen

Vandal Vyxen

I Feel Myself (clips of real women having real masturbation orgasms) –

Anna Span

Karley Sciortino SLUTEVER

Carolee Schneemann –

Valie Export –

Muse Fontaine –

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