Why is female ejaculation important?

As a citizen scientist and generally curious and adventurous person, I find it almost inconceivable how little focus there is in our culture on the amazing abilities bestowed upon us by the evolutionary process and the forces that drive that process. My focus on female ejaculation seems trivial and unimportant to some and downright offensive to others. Though I do understand that the concept is intimidating and mysterious to the average Man, it is the pushback from Women that I find the most fascinating and disheartening. Now ladies, I know we are still working through this sexual revolution. I realize that the superficiality, shallowness and seemingly wanton ignorance of our hyper sexualized culture might make you skeptical and possibly envious of ‘miraculous’ abilities like squirting, but I assure you that the FACT of female ejaculation is a life changing and possibly world changing phenomenon. ‘World changing?’ you say, with eyebrow raised, convinced that your individual experience and unwavering faith in western medicine that a women’s knowledge of her own body can’t possibly be THAT important. My goal is to convince as many people on this Earth as possible that the concept of female ejaculation is not only important to individual women and men, but represents true sexual freedom, true sexual release and the realization of full potential. It represents laughing in the face of repression, doubt and fear. It represents a Universal female quality that has been ridiculed, repressed, stamped out, ignored and trivialized in much the same way the concept of the Female Orgasm was until the 1970’s. Ladies, us squirters are not out to make you feel inadequate. We are simply interested in exploring all of the aspects of our sexuality in an open and extremely satisfying way. The greatest barrier to Women being able to experience ejaculation is not a physical wall, but a mental one. It is very unlikely that you will be able to achieve something that you don’t believe is possible. I know this because I used to feel the same way. I used to think squirting was a gross porn trick for the amusement of Men. I am lucky enough to have an amazingly open partner who understood the potential of my body even more than I did and his believe in me (and very skilled hands) caused the ‘waters to flow’. I like to think that if I can awaken just one more person to the reality of female ejaculation that I will have brought a little more excitement and satisfaction into an otherwise rather cruel and skeptical world. We must not forget that there are still places in the world where a woman’s clitoris is mutilated or removed because of the fear surrounding her female powers. Frank, adult conversation and experimentation based in real scientific theory and the spirit of wonderment and curiosity is the basis for change. We live in a time of unprecedented sexual freedom and we have access to more information than any other people who have ever existed on Earth. Let’s take advantage of this exceptional point in history and make female ejaculation an important and timely topic on our journey to our full human potential. ~ Julia Muse

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