Why female ejaculation matters…

Female ejaculation matters because it is a real and tangible phenomenon which many women are capable of accomplishing. It matters because there seems to be a backlash against women asserting themselves sexually by knowing the full potential of our bodies. It matters because many women do not even believe that female ejaculation exists thus rendering it virtually impossible for them to ever reach their full sexual potential or to even try. Now, I am not some rabid ultra feminist and am not going to go into the reasons why the very real and obvious patriarchy might have suppressed our abilities for so long but I will say that the main reason seems to be fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the magical, fear of the intensity and certainly fear of the spiritual. There is something inherently wrong with a society that is so obsessed with sex without consideration for scientific study of women’s real abilities. It may not seem like an important factor in a world full of violence and other social issues, but I have always believed that in order to change the world one must first look within themselves to fully grasp a positive way forward. What better way to change the world than from the inside out? There are several personal benefits I have experienced in my squirting journey that have helped me to navigate this psychotic culture. These include but are not limited to:

– Enhanced orgasms
– More intense orgasms
– Multiple orgasms
– Enhanced sensitivity
– Better focus
– Mental Clarity
– Spiritual well being
– Spiritual oneness
– Personal affirmation
– Enhanced relationships with lovers
– More comfort with my body functions
– Sense of release and relief
– Mood enhancement
– Enhanced sensory abilities

– Improved creativity

– Improved muscle tone

A population of women who know their full sexual potential is obviously frightening to a male dominated global culture intent on objectifying women and denying them pleasure. A population of satisfied women is a population who is comfortable with their body image, comfortable with their sexual functions and less likely to participate in the mass delusion we call Capitalist Consumer Culture. Good, satisfying sex (solo or partnered) can be free to anyone willing to participate, learn and adapt. This idea that we might be entertaining ourselves without the supervision and misplaced ‘guidance’ of Big Brother must be the most frightening prospect of all for them. Why else would we see this type of suppression and denial? Why else would something that is perfectly natural, amazing and wonderful be so repressed that several countries have even banned the depiction of squirting in their porn movies (including the UK and Australia!) It is for all these reasons that I started The Squirt Project and that I continue to research, explore, self reflect and learn from others on the topic of Female Ejaculation. Obviously I am not going to solve world hunger, but a population of empowered women might and the first step towards empowerment is to Love thyself. Feel free to engage me in discussion!

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