Full moon gushing

Venus of Laussel
Venus of Laussel

This past full moon, I experienced a new phenomenon in my squirting journey. I have always be very conscious of the moon cycles  and how they affect everything from my personality to my changing menstrual cycles. So what does the moon have to do with female ejaculation? Before I get into my experience this week, I’d like to point out some facts about my favorite tide influencing celestial body.

The moon is our celestial partner in a dance which has influenced everything about world and the evolution of our bodies. The female menstrual cycles follow the pattern of the moon and humans have been acknowledge this lunar connection for at least 30,000 years as is illustrated by the Venus of Laussel carving, featuring a woman holding a crescent shaped horn etched with the 13 moon cycles. The tidal ebb and flood of our watery planet are a direct result of the Earth’s gravitational relationship with our only moon. But how does this gravitational reality affect our own bodies, especially considering they are also mostly made of water? And how specifically can it influence female ejaculation?

In order to answer these questions, I thought I would share my most recent intense squirting experience. My partner and I decided to try something new and add a ‘preparation’ toy to our pre-scene routine. The toy in question is not found at the adult novelty store, but at your local pet store. My partner had read many women’s experience with using a dog ‘Kong’ as an insertion toy for stretching and getting that ‘full’ feeling. We decided I would wear the kong while simply sitting and watching comedies while my partner prepared the ropes for our upcoming session. The kong was pushing on my bladder so I went downstairs to pee, which I am able to do with the kong still in. I wanted to re position it, so I pushed it out anyway and lo and behold a HUGE gush of clear female ejaculate came pouring out of me leading me to two realizations.

  1. It is possible to create and expel female ejaculate without the accompanying intense orgasm or lead up to orgasm. (In this case triggered by the Kong insertion + about an hour of laughter)
  2. The Full Moon may have influenced this excess of fluid in my body, leading to unexpected gushing.

A little more research into this phenomenon has showed me that the same close minded Western scientists who ignore the reality of female ejaculation also claim that there is no such thing as a lunar affect on humans. I tend to rely on my own personal experience and the anecdotal evidence of thousands of years of history and Eastern Tantric mythology  to draw my own theories on the matter.

Now, I realize that my own personal experience does not a solid scientific theory make, so I’d love to hear your experiences with moon cycles and female ejaculation! Do you squirt more on a full moon? Is there more fluid created and released in your opinion? Get in touch and let me know how the moon affects you! In the meantime, I’ll be keeping a diary and close tabs on the moon cycles in relation to female ejaculation and sexuality.

Public domain image: File:Tides schematic.JPG which was based on an image in "Leidraad voor het Stuurbrevet" by Richard Vooren, Paul Van den Keybus
Public domain image: File:Tides schematic.JPG which was based on an image in “Leidraad voor het Stuurbrevet” by Richard Vooren, Paul Van den Keybus

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