Day One – Acknowledging the roots of fear…

When I ask myself why it is that people want to deny women the pleasure of mind blowing orgasms (or any orgasms for that matter), the only logical answer that presents itself is fear. Regardless of all our supposed advances as Western women, the sexual revolution and the advent of the internet as a tool for disseminating information we are still left with a huge segment of the female population who have never been in a position to let go of their fear. We live in a society where brutal violence and gore are commonplace in movies and TV but where the female orgasm is still practically a taboo subject, veiled in mystery and censorship and denied by a largely male medical establishment.

Sexual pleasure is an evolutionary tool. Our bodies are designed to achieve almost spiritual heights through orgasm and yet sex in all its forms seems to be the first thing that religion aims to regulate. Pleasure and satisfaction are the things the religious establishment are most afraid of. The reason for this is simple. Dissatisfied, spiritually void blindly religious people buy stuff. They buy lots of stuff. Lotions and potions and drugs and clothes and make up and new breasts and new vaginas. This system of exploiting peoples fears will continue for as long as we live in a consumer driven society based upon an extremely backward concept of Christianity. Since women are the main drivers of most household and superfluous purchases, they will continue to be targeted by predatory, self esteem killing marketing and patriarchal religious repression. The latest example of this is the invention of ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction’ by drug manufacturers to make women feel like they are not only not attractive enough to find love but that there is something wrong with them if they don’t follow exact sexual patterns mapped out by men.

Through the ages women have been made to feel as though their sexuality is not only secondary but might not even exist in the first place. The female orgasm wasn’t even acknowledged by the medical community until the 1970’s!  A woman who actually enjoys sex is still called a slut or a whore (and they mean that in a bad way!). Female Ejaculation IS a reality. It is not a myth, it is not impossible to achieve and it should not make any woman feel like less of one because she hasn’t been in a situation comfortable enough to mentally let go.

I tell women who attend my workshops that squirting is 90% mental and 10% physical. I truly believe that given the proper loving attention in a supportive and relaxed environment that almost every woman can experience this amazingly intense, natural (and free!) gift of evolution. If the female orgasm evolved to reward us for sex, than squirting evolved to reward women and our partners for their time, patience and due diligence. An attentive, caring and body positive partner will most likely make an attentive parent and THAT is what evolution is all about.

So begins The Squirt Project!

2 thoughts on “Day One – Acknowledging the roots of fear…”

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