My partner in squirt crime…

I would like to take a second, before I share my own personal squirt story, to thank the love of my life and partner in pleasure and pain, Artist. Although I have been a ball of squirt potential for years and years, he is the only man who took the time to patiently discover all of my quirks and quarks and believed in my abilities even when I doubted them. Last night, with his firm attentions, I squirted for what seemed like 30 seconds straight and experienced a new height in continuous orgasm. Without my caring partner, i would never learned the full potential of my body as I lacked the willingness to push myself the extra mile required for that level of intensity. Though I originally would have required a certain amount of restraint and bondage to achieve last night’s feat, I now find myself extremely susceptible to verbal commands. I am feeling inspired to continue writing my story to share with you all so check in soon and keep sending me your fantastic personal stories!


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