Japanese Artist jailed for 3D pussy plans!


photo by: Rokude Nashiko And Marie Akatani/AFP/Getty Images
photo by: Rokude Nashiko And Marie Akatani/AFP/Getty Images

Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko, was recently arrested by puritanical Japanese authorities for emailing digital template of her genitalia to supporters of her art. Igarashi completed the Art project which included a 3D mold of her own vagina with the help of a $10,000 crowdfunding campaign. In a country where men can go down to the local store or vending machine and buy a used pair of schoolgirls panties, this is not only a travesty for the Art world but another example the inherent sexual hypocrisy in a supposedly modern Nation. Not surprisingly, the only thing really accomplished by this highly publicized arrest is to draw the world’s attention to Ms. Igarashi’s courageous, uplifting and sex positive work, the sole purpose of which is to shed light on the absurdity of her countries antiquated and laughable ‘obscenity’ laws. Igarashi states that her work has helped her to overcome the very personal, but unfortunately almost universal issue of what I am now calling ‘Hidden Pussy Syndrome’ (HPS for short?). Hidden Pussy Syndrome occurs when women do not have proper access to information and education regarding their own body parts and therefore experience shame, powerlessness and even physical damage due to this culturally imposed ignorance. Igarashi herself says she was drawn to this type of taboo breaking art project because of her own confusion over the appearance of her pussy. In a culture which considers any mention or visualization of the human sexual organs to be ‘obscene’, she was unsure as to whether or not she had a ‘normal’ pussy. Her groundbreaking work is inspiring, tongue in cheek and refreshing in a world that seems increasingly hell bent on imposing some ancient concept of morality onto an already awakened population. A deeper look into her work reveals the true reason for her arrest, using her femininity to bring attention to very real Japanese political and environmental concerns.

Megumi Igarashi was arrested at her home by 10 police officers and faces up to two years in prison and a $25, 000 fine just for the crime of possessing a vagina and sending her supporters a digital version of it. A petition on Change,org has garnered over 17,000 signatures to date calling for her immediate release. The petition is currently only in Japanese and I will update when I have a better idea how the International Art community can help secure her release.


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